Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

GENERAL: 1. You need to follow the rules and regulations of the Academy of Business English and Communication education program, 2. Academy of Business English and Communication has the right to change, or amend any rules as per the Qualification body 3. You also need to follow the rules, regulations, and quality standards of the accreditation body of Academy of Business English and Communication. 4. Except for your own training, you may not reproduce, alter, transmit, distribute, or otherwise exploit the Products or any other copyrighted materials offered. 5. We do not discriminate in any way when it comes to admission; each course has its own set of eligibility requirements, and it is obligation of both parties to verify if you satisfy those requirements before enrolling in the course and making payments.

GRANT OF LICENCE: We provide you a license to use the eLearning courses ("the Products") in exchange for your payment. This license is limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable, and it is conditional on the rights and duties given under these terms that “this license is unique to you and may not be shared or swapped with anyone else.”

ACCESS TO MATERIALS: 1. None is allowed to record any class without consent of the authority 2. All class material in pdf format will be shared through Learning Management System 3. Material is the property of Academy of Business English and Communication, sharing, reproduction, and modifying partly are strictly prohibited. 4. For LIVE session, no video recording shall be provided. 5. The day you initially obtain access to the course is considered the commencement date of your access. 6. In case of Fully online program it is your obligation to complete the content within the time frame specified. If you do not believe this is achievable, do write an email to info@english-academy.net.

PRICING AND PAYMENT: You agree to pay for the Products in the specified currency and to pay any applicable conversion charges as well as applicable sales tax in your location. Please keep in mind that we must obtain complete payment before giving you with access to the Products.

CANCELLATION AND RESTRICTION POLICY: 1. Academy of Business English and Communication has the right to cancel any batch/ individual's enrollment without showing any cause. 2. Enrolment will be canceled due to noncompliance (violation of any terms/ rules). 3. Falsification of any information at any stage will lead cancelation of registration and no fees will be refunded in that case. 4. Prior to purchase any program, you must check that you fulfill the system requirements, which include compatible hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, infrastructure and Internet access. Academy of Business English and Communication will not be responsible if you are unable to access LIVE session, failure to attend exam and assignment submission.

ASSESSMENT CHARGES: If you fail to achieve the pass criterion in any exam, you may be offered a second chance to attend makeup exam which will be schedules by the authority at the end of the program. If you fail again, you may be required to pay retake fees. Payment for the retake will not guarantee you a pass grade, it is subjected to marks you will get on the paid attempt.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Nothing in the course may be copied, reproduced, changed, distributed, communicated, reprinted, displayed, or performed for profit. All other trademarks, service marks, and trade names included in this property is strictly forbidden for unauthorized use.

CERTIFICATION: Once you have satisfactorily completed the requirements of certification from respective awarding bodies, you will receive the certification. The awarding bodies or universities will take 10 Days to issue e-certificate and badge (if any). The printed/hardcopy of the certificate will be distributed in 3 slots each year (if any). We shall send the certificate on whichever slot is available and closest. The certificate will be couriered to you to the provided address (sometimes via partner) and we shall not be liable for any damage during the shipment. Any delay that is caused due to incomplete exam or assignment, we will not be responsible for issuance of certificate. All candidates are advised to follow up on the printed copy of the certificate within 1 year of the result publication.

ACCREDITATION: Before enrolling, the accreditation status of each course is explicitly stated. The term "accredited program" refers to a course that has been approved by the country or region of issuing of the certificate, which doesn't mean it's necessary acceptable by all countries. As a result, it is the obligation of the student to examine the accreditation status in their individual countries and be satisfied before enrolling in the course. We shall not be held liable if any country withdraws accreditation from any of our partner institutes/awarding organizations in the future.

For any complaint please contact info@english-academy.net.