Master Class on English Idioms

Master Class on English Idioms

Unlock the power of idioms in English conversation and writing

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Welcome to the Master Class on English Idioms training program, a comprehensive course designed to delve into the fascinating world of idiomatic expressions in the English language. Idioms are an integral part of language, adding color, depth, and cultural context to communication. This program aims to unravel the meanings, origins, and usage of idioms, enabling participants to understand and incorporate these expressions effectively in their language repertoire.

  • Idiom Comprehension: To familiarize participants with a wide range of English idioms, exploring their meanings, origins, and contextual usage in everyday conversation and written communication.
  • Application Skills: To equip participants with the ability to comprehend and use idiomatic expressions appropriately in diverse contexts, both formal and informal.
  • Cultural Understanding: To provide insights into the cultural roots and historical contexts of idioms, fostering a deeper appreciation of language and cultural diversity.
  • Communication Enhancement: To enhance participants' language skills by incorporating idiomatic expressions, enabling more vivid, nuanced, and engaging communication.
  • Idiom Integration: To encourage participants to integrate idioms seamlessly into their language repertoire, enhancing their overall language proficiency.

Modules: 30

Video Material: 30 (view only)

Material: Downloadable (PDF only)

Exam: Learning Exam (MCQ)

  • Language Enrichment: Mastery over idiomatic expressions enriches language skills, adding depth and versatility to both spoken and written communication.
  • Enhanced Communication: Idioms aid in conveying messages vividly and succinctly, leading to clearer and more engaging communication.
  • Cultural Insight: Understanding idioms provides insights into cultural nuances and historical contexts, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Improved Listening and Comprehension: Proficiency in idiomatic expressions enhances listening skills, enabling better comprehension in conversations, media, and literature.
  • Professional Advancement: Proficiency in idioms is advantageous in professional settings, contributing to effective communication and career advancement.
  • Enhanced Writing Skills: Incorporating idioms into writing adds flair and richness to the language, making written content more engaging and expressive.
  • Personal Development: Mastery in idiomatic expressions enhances personal growth by refining the ability to understand and express thoughts with depth and creativity.
  • Confidence Building: Proficiency in idioms boosts confidence in language use, enabling individuals to communicate more effectively and assertively.

Lesson 01 - Idioms from food
Lesson 02 - Idioms from the body
Lesson 03 - Idioms from money
Lesson 04 - Idioms from animals
Lesson 05 - Idioms with time
Lesson 06 - Idioms with colors
Lesson 07 - Idioms with numbers
Lesson 08 - Idioms with clothes
Lesson 09 - Idioms around the house
Lesson 10 - Idioms from buildings and structures
Lesson 11 - Idioms from nature
Lesson 12 - Idioms related to work and employment
Lesson 13 - Idioms from sports and games
Lesson 14 - Idioms from transport and travel
Lesson 15 - Idioms from the weather
Lesson 16 - Idioms from music
Lesson 17 - Idioms from science and technology
Lesson 18 - Idioms from violence and death
Lesson 19 - Idioms with GET
Lesson 20 - Idioms with HAVE
Lesson 21 - Idioms with MAKE
Lesson 22 - Idioms with PUT
Lesson 23 - Idioms with TAKE
Lesson 24 - Idioms with DO and DON_T
Lesson 25 - Idioms with GO
Lesson 26 - Idioms with COME
Lesson 27 - Idioms with GIVE
Lesson 28 - Idioms with KEEP
Lesson 29 - Idioms with CALL
Lesson 30 - Idioms with LIKE

The Program is Endorsed by Cambridge Academy or Professionals, UK

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