Master Class on Common Errors in English

Master Class on Common Errors in English

Say goodbye to common English errors with our Master Class in English

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Welcome to the Master Class on Common Errors in English training program, a comprehensive course dedicated to addressing and rectifying common grammatical, syntactical, and usage errors in the English language. In the pursuit of effective communication, understanding and rectifying these errors play a pivotal role in conveying messages accurately and eloquently. This program aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to identify, correct, and avoid common errors, thereby refining their language skills.

  • Error Identification: To enable participants to recognize and understand common errors in grammar, syntax, punctuation, and usage prevalent in written and spoken English.
  • Error Correction: To provide strategies and techniques for correcting errors, emphasizing the application of correct grammar, syntax, and vocabulary in various contexts.
  • Improved Writing Proficiency: To enhance participants' writing skills by eliminating common errors, leading to more polished, coherent, and accurate written communication.
  • Refinement of Verbal Communication: To assist participants in rectifying errors in spoken English, enabling clearer and more precise verbal communication.
  • Confidence Building: To instill confidence in participants by equipping them with the skills to avoid and rectify common errors, enabling more effective and impactful communication.

Modules: 42

Video Material: 42 (view only)

Material: Downloadable (PDF only)

Exam: Learning Exam (MCQ)

  • Enhanced Language Precision: Mastery over common errors results in improved language precision, ensuring accurate and effective communication.
  • Improved Credibility: Accurate language usage enhances credibility, professionalism, and clarity in both personal and professional communication.
  • Polished Writing Skills: Participants will refine their writing style, producing error-free and coherent written content, thereby enhancing readability and comprehension.
  • Clearer Verbal Expression: Rectifying common errors in spoken English leads to clearer and more articulate verbal expression, fostering better understanding in conversations.
  • Professional Development: Improved language proficiency is an asset in various professional domains, contributing to career advancement and opportunities.
  • Academic Enhancement: Refining language skills aids in academic pursuits, leading to better academic performance and clearer expression of ideas in educational settings.
  • Effective Communication: Mastery over common errors ensures that the intended message is accurately conveyed, resulting in more impactful and persuasive communication.
  • Personal Growth: Mastery over language errors enhances personal growth by refine communication.

Lesson 01 - Errors with Countable and Uncountable Nouns
Lesson 02 - Errors with All Of, Most of, Some of, One of
Lesson 03 - Errors with IT
Lesson 04 - Errors with Possessives and Pronouns
Lesson 05 - Errors with Singular and Plural Verbs
Lesson 06 - Errors with HAVE
Lesson 07 - Errors with Irregular Verbs
Lesson 08 - Errors with Irregular Nouns
Lesson 09 - Errors with Helping Verbs
Lesson 10 - Errors with Objects
Lesson 11 - Errors with Recommend, Suggest, Explain, and Say
Lesson 12 - Errors with Common Verbs
Lesson 13 - Errors with Verb Tenses
Lesson 14 - Errors with A and AN
Lesson 15 - Errors with THE
Lesson 16 - Errors with IN and ON
Lesson 17 - Errors with OF
Lesson 18 - Errors with TO
Lesson 19 - Errors with Other Prepositions
Lesson 20 - Errors with Adjectives and Adverbs
Lesson 21 - Errors from Students' Homework
Lesson 22 - Errors with Similar Words (Part 1)
Lesson 23 - Errors with Similar Words (Part 2)
Lesson 24 - Errors with Homophones
Lesson 25 - Words Native English Speakers Confuse (Part 1)
Lesson 26 - Words Native English Speakers Confuse (Part 2)
Lesson 27 - Errors from StudentsGÇÖ Homework
Lesson 28 - Errors that Spell Check WonGÇÖt Catch
Lesson 29 - Errors with Words that Sound the Same (Part 1)
Lesson 30 - Errors with Words that Sound the Same (Part 2)
Lesson 31 - Errors Involving Adding or Removing a Letter
Lesson 32 - Errors Involving Changing a Letter
Lesson 33 - Errors with Similar Sounds
Lesson 34 - Errors with Difficult Sounds
Lesson 35 - Errors with Confusing Combinations of Letters
Lesson 36 - Errors with Words that Have Deceptive Spelling (Part 1)
Lesson 37 - Errors with Words that Have Deceptive Spelling (Part 2)
Lesson 38 - Errors with Syllables
Lesson 39 - Common Mistakes in Learning Methods (Part 1)
Lesson 40 - Common Mistakes in Learning Methods (Part 2)
Lesson 41 - Common Mindset Mistakes (Part 1)
Lesson 42 - Common Mindset Mistakes (Part 2)

The Program is Endorsed by Cambridge Academy or Professionals, UK

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