Master Class on English Vocabulary : Level-1

Master Class on English Vocabulary : Level-1

Learn hundreds of useful English vocabulary words in these lessons.

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Welcome to the Master Class on English Vocabulary: Level-1, a foundational course aimed at expanding and strengthening participants' vocabulary in the English language. Vocabulary forms the bedrock of effective communication, and this program is tailored to introduce participants to a diverse range of essential words, enabling them to express ideas with clarity and precision. This course sets the stage for building a robust vocabulary foundation.

  • Vocabulary Expansion: To introduce participants to a broad spectrum of fundamental English words, emphasizing their meanings, usage, and contextual application.
  • Contextual Understanding: To facilitate comprehension of vocabulary in various contexts, from everyday conversation to written communication and academic settings.
  • Language Proficiency: To enhance participants' language proficiency by equipping them with a foundational vocabulary base essential for effective communication.
  • Reading and Comprehension: To bolster reading comprehension skills by encountering and understanding a diverse range of fundamental English words.
  • Communication Enhancement: To enable participants to articulate thoughts and ideas more accurately and precisely through the use of expanded vocabulary.

Modules: 30

Video Material: 30 (view only)

Material: Downloadable (PDF only)

Exam: Learning Exam (MCQ)

  • Improved Language Expression: Mastery over fundamental vocabulary facilitates clearer, more articulate, and expressive communication in both written and spoken forms.
  • Enhanced Reading Comprehension: A broader vocabulary base aids in better understanding written materials, enhancing overall reading comprehension.
  • Confidence Building: Expanded vocabulary boosts confidence in language use, enabling individuals to communicate more effectively and assertively.
  • Academic Advancement: A strong vocabulary foundation contributes to academic success, aiding in better understanding and expression of ideas in educational settings.
  • Professional Development: Enhanced vocabulary skills are advantageous in professional environments, contributing to effective communication and career growth.
  • Cultural Appreciation: A diversified vocabulary introduces learners to various cultural contexts and expressions, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Personal Growth: Mastery in fundamental vocabulary enriches personal growth by refining the ability to articulate thoughts and ideas with depth and clarity.
  • Preparation for Advanced Learning: Level-1 vocabulary mastery lays the groundwork for further vocabulary expansion and advanced language learning in subsequent levels.

Lesson 01 - Around the house
Lesson 02 - Money
Lesson 03 - Clothes
Lesson 04 - Shopping
Lesson 05 - Food and drink
Lesson 06 - Restaurants
Lesson 07 - Cars and driving
Lesson 08 - Public transportation
Lesson 09 - Body and health
Lesson 10 - Work and employment
Lesson 11 - School and studying
Lesson 12 - Phones and computers
Lesson 13 - Sports and hobbies
Lesson 14 - TV and movies
Lesson 15 - Books, music, and art
Lesson 16 - Action verbs with the body
Lesson 17 - Life cycle
Lesson 18 - Family, friends, and relationships
Lesson 19 - Personality and character
Lesson 20 - Emotions
Lesson 21 - Travel
Lesson 22 - Vacation activities
Lesson 23 - Nature and natural disasters
Lesson 24 - Animals - Part 1
Lesson 25 - Animals - Part 2
Lesson 26 - Politics and elections
Lesson 27 - News and media
Lesson 28 - Crime and punishment
Lesson 29 - Religion
Lesson 30 - Essential concepts

The Program is Endorsed by Cambridge Academy or Professionals, UK

You’re going to learn hundreds of useful English vocabulary words in these lessons.

Each lesson has four parts:

• Video – watch the video to learn the words (or read the text under it)
• Pronunciation Practice – listen to and repeat words from the lesson
• Quiz or Exercise – take the quiz or download the worksheet to practice the vocabulary
• Vocabulary Practice – questions to help you use the words in YOUR English!

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