Master Class on Phrasal Verbs in English Conversation

Master Class on Phrasal Verbs in English Conversation

Master phrasal verbs and make your communication sound more natural.

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Welcome to the Master Class on Phrasal Verbs in English Conversation, a comprehensive course dedicated to exploring and mastering phrasal verbs—an essential component of English language usage. Phrasal verbs significantly enrich communication by adding depth and versatility to language. This program aims to unravel the nuances, meanings, and effective usage of phrasal verbs in conversational English, empowering participants to use them confidently and appropriately in various contexts.

  • Phrasal Verb Comprehension: To familiarize participants with a diverse range of phrasal verbs, exploring their meanings, usages, and contexts in everyday conversation and written communication.
  • Usage and Application Skills: To equip participants with the ability to understand, identify, and apply phrasal verbs effectively in conversations, presentations, and written forms.
  • Contextual Understanding: To provide insights into the nuances and appropriate usage of phrasal verbs in different conversational contexts, enhancing language versatility.
  • Fluency Enhancement: To enhance participants' fluency and conversational skills by incorporating phrasal verbs, enabling more natural and expressive communication.
  • Integration of Phrasal Verbs: To encourage participants to integrate phrasal verbs seamlessly into their language repertoire, leading to improved language proficiency.

Modules: 30

Video Material: 30 (view only)

Material: Downloadable (PDF only)

Exam: Learning Exam (MCQ)

  • Language Enrichment: Mastery over phrasal verbs enriches language skills, allowing for more nuanced and expressive communication in both formal and informal settings.
  • Enhanced Conversational Skills: Proficiency in phrasal verbs leads to more fluent and natural conversation, making interactions more engaging and expressive.
  • Improved Listening and Comprehension: Mastery over phrasal verbs enhances listening skills, enabling better understanding and interpretation of conversations, media, and literature.
  • Professional and Academic Advantage: Proficiency in phrasal verbs is advantageous in professional and academic environments, contributing to effective communication and comprehension.
  • Enhanced Writing Skills: Incorporating phrasal verbs into writing adds dynamism and richness to language, making written content more vivid and engaging.
  • Cultural Insight: Understanding phrasal verbs provides insights into cultural nuances and informal language usage, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Personal Development: Mastery in phrasal verbs enriches personal growth by refining the ability to express thoughts and ideas with depth and creativity in everyday conversation.
  • Confidence Building: Proficiency in phrasal verbs boosts confidence in language use, enabling individuals to communicate more effectively and expressively.

Lesson 1 - Phrasal Verbs for Romantic Relationships
Lesson 2 - Phrasal Verbs for Emotions
Lesson 3 - Phrasal Verbs for Social Situations
Lesson 4 - Phrasal Verbs Around the House
Lesson 5 - Phrasal Verbs for Sports and Health
Lesson 6 - Phrasal Verbs for School and Studying
Lesson 7 - Phrasal Verbs for Driving
Lesson 8 - Phrasal Verbs about Money
Lesson 9 - Phrasal Verbs at Work
Lesson 10 - Phrasal Verbs for Computers
Lesson 11 - Phrasal Verbs for Travel
Lesson 12 - Phrasal Verbs for Communication
Lesson 13 - Phrasal Verbs for Time and Change Part 1
Lesson 14 - Phrasal Verbs for Time and Change Part 2
Lesson 15 - Phrasal Verbs for Persuading and Deciding
Lesson 16 - Phrasal Verbs About 
Lesson 17 - Phrasal Verbs in the News
Lesson 18 - Phrasal Verbs for Movement
Lesson 19 - Phrasal Verbs for Information
Lesson 20 - Phrasal Verbs for Events
Lesson 21 - Phrasal Verbs for Manners and Etiquette
Lesson 22 - Phrasal Verbs for Destruction and Repair
Lesson 23 - Phrasal Verbs with AWAY
Lesson 24 - Phrasal Verbs with DOWN
Lesson 25 - Phrasal Verbs with ON and IN
Lesson 26 - Phrasal Verbs with OUT
Lesson 27 - Phrasal Verbs with OFF
Lesson 28 - Phrasal Verbs with UP
Lesson 29 - Confusing Pairs of Phrasal Verbs
Lesson 30 - Phrasal Verbs as Nouns

The Program is Endorsed by Cambridge Academy or Professionals, UK

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