Professional Certificate in English Speaking [PCES]

Professional Certificate in English Speaking [PCES]

“Master the art of English speaking”

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Welcome to the Professional Certificate in English Speaking training program, a specialized course crafted to enhance participants' proficiency and confidence in spoken English. Effective verbal communication is a cornerstone skill in today's globalized world, and this program is designed to equip individuals with the skills and techniques necessary to articulate thoughts, express ideas, and engage confidently in various speaking situations.

  • Fluency Development: To improve participants' fluency and coherence in spoken English through practice, exercises, and structured learning modules.
  • Accent and Pronunciation Refinement: To refine participants' accent and pronunciation, enabling clear and articulate verbal communication.
  • Vocabulary and Expressiveness: To expand vocabulary and encourage expressive language use, allowing participants to articulate thoughts and ideas more vividly.
  • Confidence Building: To boost participants' confidence in speaking English, providing techniques and practice opportunities to overcome inhibitions and nervousness.
  • Effective Presentation Skills: To develop effective presentation techniques, enabling participants to engage audiences confidently and persuasively.

Modules: 45

Video Material: 45 (view only)

Material: Downloadable (PDF only)

Exam: Learning Exam (MCQ)

  • Enhanced Verbal Communication: Mastery in spoken English leads to clearer, more articulate, and confident verbal communication in personal and professional settings.
  • Improved Career Prospects: Proficiency in English speaking opens doors to career opportunities, as effective communication is a sought-after skill in various professions.
  • Increased Confidence: The program fosters confidence in participants, enabling them to communicate effectively and assertively in diverse situations.
  • Global Networking: Strong English speaking skills facilitate better communication with international counterparts, fostering global networking and collaboration.
  • Academic and Professional Success: Proficiency in spoken English contributes to academic success, better job prospects, and advancement in professional careers.
  • Cross-Cultural Competence: Effective English speaking skills aid in understanding and navigating cross-cultural interactions, promoting better relationships.
  • Enhanced Public Speaking: Mastery in English speaking prepares individuals for effective public speaking engagements, presentations, and discussions.
  • Personal Growth: Mastery over spoken English enriches personal growth, empowering individuals to articulate thoughts and ideas with clarity and confidence.

Lesson 01 - Double Trouble
Lesson 02 - Which Restaurant
Lesson 03 - Starting a New Sport
Lesson 04 - Chance of a Lifetime
Lesson 05 - A Diet Dilemma
Lesson 06 - The Perfect Puppy
Lesson 07 - Considering a Career Change
Lesson 08 - A Brand-New Smartphone
Lesson 09 - Starting a Business
Lesson 10 - At the Amusement Park
Lesson 11 - Why aren't you on time
Lesson 12 - Meeting New People
Lesson 13 - A Complicated Coffee Order
Lesson 14 - Previous Jobs
Lesson 15 - Where are You Spending the Holiday
Lesson 16 - Staying at a Hotel
Lesson 17 - A Mysterious Movie
Lesson 18 - Childhood
Lesson 19 - The Times Are Changing
Lesson 20 - An Embarrassing Moment
Lesson 21 - Leadership
Lesson 22 - Ethical Marketing
Lesson 23 - Getting a Raise
Lesson 24 - Language Learning
Lesson 25 - An Inspiring Teacher
Lesson 26 - A Great Vacation
Lesson 27 - Bad Habits
Lesson 28 - Wealth and Poverty
Lesson 29 - Ready for an Adventure
Lesson 30 - Losing Your Temper
Lesson 31 - Aging
Lesson 32 - Inventing Something New
Lesson 33 - A Looming Deadline
Lesson 34 - The Accident
Lesson 35 - A Bit of Gossip
Lesson 36 - Immigration Debate
Lesson 37 - Different Tastes
Lesson 38 - Health Problems
Lesson 39 - Music Lessons
Lesson 40 - Regret
Lesson 41 - Dealing with Teenagers
Lesson 42 - Discussing the News
Lesson 43 - Surprise
Lesson 44 - An Argument
Lesson 45 - Cooking

The Program is Endorsed by Cambridge Academy or Professionals, UK

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