Master Class on English Vocabulary : Level-2

Master Class on English Vocabulary : Level-2

Learn Advance English Vocabulary and take your English to the next level

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Welcome to the Master Class on English Vocabulary: Level-2 training program, an advanced course designed to elevate participants' proficiency in English vocabulary to a higher level. A rich vocabulary is a cornerstone of effective communication, enabling individuals to express thoughts and ideas with precision and eloquence. This program builds upon foundational language skills, aiming to enhance participants' lexicon with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the English language.

  • Expansion of Vocabulary Repertoire: To introduce participants to an extensive range of advanced vocabulary across various domains, including business, academia, literature, and everyday communication.
  • Contextual Application: To facilitate the understanding of nuanced word usage by exploring contexts, idiomatic expressions, and phrases prevalent in diverse communication settings.
  • Refinement of Language Skills: To refine participants' language skills, focusing on synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and phrases to articulate ideas more precisely and vividly.
  • Enhanced Comprehension: To strengthen participants' reading and comprehension abilities by encountering and comprehending advanced vocabulary in different written materials.
  • Effective Communication: To equip participants with a richer lexicon, empowering them to communicate with eloquence, clarity, and depth in both written and verbal interactions.

Modules: 30

Video Material: 30 (view only)

Material: Downloadable (PDF only)

Exam: Learning Exam (MCQ)

  • Expanded Vocabulary Repertoire: Participants will acquire a broader and more nuanced vocabulary, enabling them to articulate thoughts and ideas with greater precision and diversity.
  • Improved Language Proficiency: Enhanced vocabulary skills contribute to overall language proficiency, fostering confidence in both written and spoken communication.
  • Refined Writing and Speaking: Mastery of advanced vocabulary enhances participants' writing style and speaking abilities, making their expressions more sophisticated and impactful.
  • Comprehensive Reading Skills: Exposure to advanced vocabulary enhances reading comprehension, enabling participants to grasp nuanced meanings in diverse texts and materials.
  • Career and Academic Advancement: A robust vocabulary is a valuable asset in professional and academic spheres, opening doors to opportunities and advancement.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Learning advanced vocabulary often involves delving into literature and various cultural contexts, enriching participants' understanding of diverse cultures.
  • Enhanced Cognitive Skills: Learning advanced vocabulary stimulates cognitive abilities, such as memory, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Personal Growth: Mastering advanced vocabulary fosters personal growth and self-improvement, enhancing one's ability to express thoughts and ideas with depth and clarity.

Lesson 01 - Car accidents
Lesson 02 - Personal finance
Lesson 03 - Health
Lesson 04 - Cooking
Lesson 05 - Taking care of your home
Lesson 06 - Work and employment
Lesson 07 - Issues in education
Lesson 08 - Socializing
Lesson 09 - Clothing and fashion
Lesson 10 - Movie reviews
Lesson 11 - Books and writing
Lesson 12 - Cradle to grave
Lesson 13 - Appearance and personal care
Lesson 14 - Character and behavior
Lesson 15 - Relationships
Lesson 16 - Philosophy and worldview
Lesson 17 - Describing the world
Lesson 18 - Newspaper English
Lesson 19 - Other ways to say
Lesson 20 - Connotations
Lesson 21 - Noun-Verb Vocabulary Builder
Lesson 22 - Word roots
Lesson 23 - Prefixes
Lesson 24 - Suffixes - Part 1
Lesson 25 - Suffixes - Part 2
Lesson 26 - Perceptions of the senses
Lesson 27 - Academic expressions
Lesson 28 - Non-obvious binomials
Lesson 29 - Metaphors
Lesson 30 - Beyond the basics

The Program is Endorsed by Cambridge Academy or Professionals, UK

You’re going to learn hundreds of useful English vocabulary words in these lessons.

Each lesson has four parts:
• Video – watch the video to learn the words (or read the text under it)
• Pronunciation Practice – listen to and repeat words from the lesson
• Quiz or Exercise – take the quiz or download the worksheet to practice the vocabulary
• Vocabulary Practice – questions to help you use the words in YOUR English!

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